BongKnot: From Kolkata's Best to Bengaluru's Finest

Jajabars, rooted in Kolkata’s rich culinary heritage, began its journey 25 years ago under the visionary guidance of Mr. Manik Das. Its evolution into BongKnot is a testament to the dedication and passion for offering authentic Bengali cuisine and top-notch catering services. With Riya Das Chatterjee at the helm, the venture has soared to new heights.

BongKnot has not only retained the essence of Jajabars but expanded its horizons. It stands tall as the epitome of Bengali culinary excellence, earning the prestigious titles of Best Caterer in Kolkata and the leading Bengali caterer in Bengaluru.

The journey to becoming the best in two different cities is marked by a commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation. BongKnot’s success lies in its ability to curate a diverse menu that captures the essence of Bengali cuisine while adapting to the preferences of diverse audiences. From traditional favorites to modern interpretations, every dish is crafted with love and expertise.

What sets BongKnot apart is its holistic approach. It doesn’t just offer catering services; it provides end-to-end wedding and event management services, making it the ultimate one-stop solution for any event. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, BongKnot’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience for clients.

The success story of BongKnot reflects a journey of culinary passion, unwavering commitment, and a relentless pursuit of perfection, establishing it as the pinnacle of Bengali cuisine in both Kolkata and Bengaluru.

BongKnot's Recipe for Restaurant Success

“Founder Mr. Manik Das credits BongKnot’s success to relentless hard work and resilience. Struggles were transformative, teaching valuable lessons and fueling our commitment. It’s this dedication that keeps us thriving in the competitive restaurant realm, providing exceptional service and culinary experiences.”

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