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Looking for an exquisite taste of Bengal right here in Bangalore? Look no further than BongKnot! We specialize in bringing the rich, flavorful essence of Bengali cuisine to your doorstep. Our culinary expertise and commitment to authenticity make us the top choice for Bengali catering in Bangalore. From traditional favorites like mouthwatering fish curries to delectable sweets, our menu is a celebration of Bengal’s culinary heritage.


A Taste of Bengal, Right in Bangalore

Step into BongKnot and immerse yourself in a world of authentic Bengali cuisine. Our menu is a fusion of traditional recipes passed down through generations, carefully curated to bring you the true essence of Bengal’s culinary treasures. From iconic dishes like flavorful fish curries to aromatic rice preparations and mouthwatering sweets, every bite at BongKnot is a celebration of Bengal’s gastronomic legacy.

Experience the Best Catering in Kolkata

Not limited to Bangalore, BongKnot is also renowned as one of the best caterers in Kolkata. Our reputation precedes us as we bring the same dedication to quality, taste, and authenticity to the City of Joy. Whether it’s a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, our catering services in Kolkata promise to elevate your event with flavors that resonate with the soul of Bengal.

Best Caterer in Bengaluru

Numbers Speak

Consistently rated among the top Bengali restaurants in Bangalore and Kolkata, our two-decade-long experience in catering services has delighted clients with exceptional cuisine, adding a flavorful touch to countless events.

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Years of Experience

Over 25 years delivering exceptional food and catering expertise.

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Happy Clients

BongKnot has delighted over 1476+ satisfied customers.


We’re proud to successfully operate our business in two different states.



Customers opt for BongKnot as their top choice for the best Bengali caterer in Bangalore, wedding planner, and restaurant in Bangalore or Kolkata due to our consistent dedication to culinary excellence, precise event planning, and the seamless blend of tradition and innovation. We craft unforgettable experiences that honor culture, love, and mouthwatering flavors, ensuring every moment is truly exceptional for both our clients and search engines.

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

"Having spent 17 years in Bangalore, I believe it's an underrated gem for Bengalis. The mutton biryani here reminds me of Kolkata's flavors."
"I savored pulao with mutton chap and biryani with chicken chap—a delightful, high-quality experience in Bengaluru. I recommend it like Kolkata, and I'm returning soon."
"Ordered Asthomi bhog from BongKnot. The food was excellent with satisfying portions, offering an authentic pandal bhog experience. Grateful for the taste."
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BongKnot Restaurent